Hesitant to Remodel?

   Want Peace of Mind?

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Heard the Horror Stories?
The Consumer Federation of America and Consumer Reports weigh in.

The Consumer Federation of America reports that the Remodeling Industry has some of the highest (and most costly) complaints. The #1 complaint: Remodeling Contractors don’t always finish the job. The #2 complaint: Remodeling Contractors take the deposit and never start the job.

Consumer Reports writes that more than 40% of remodeling projects go bad.

How do you choose the right Contractor in this environment of uncertainty?

Protect Your Investment
Be Confident Your Project Will Be Done Well and in a Timely Manner
Welcome to Risk-Free Remodeling…

Construction Market Resources, Inc. (CMR) knows the remodeling industry. There’s so much stress when you remodel. First, you have so many decisions you need to make: “How big? How much? When? Can I do part of it myself?”

Then you have to select your contractor: “What if I choose the wrong one?”

Don’t Waste Your Time… CMR has Your Solution!
Hire a CMR Qualified Contractor who can provide the Start-To-Finish Warranty™

Most services say they can help you find a contractor you can “trust”. Our company actually assures it. Why? Only CMR Qualified Contractors can provide the Start-To-Finish Warranty™. The Start-To-Finish Warranty™ assures you your project will be done in a timely manner, at the contracted price and according to NAHB Residential Construction Industry Performance Guidelines. This warranty protects your investment, providing you Peace of Mind from the moment you write your deposit check to the moment your project is completed and you happily make your final payment to your CMR Qualified Contractor.

Only CMR Qualified Contractors can Offer the
Start-To-Finish Warranty™

If You Want Peace of Mind – You Want a CMR Qualified Contractor Who can Provide the Start-To-Finish Warranty™

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Find out how we do the work so you don’t have to in order to hire the right contractor. CMR Qualified Contractors means worry free remodeling for you.

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